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act of change

use acting and storytelling
to reach your goals

acting is a tool

to communicate your goals effectively
to your audience
for your business
in your daily life

Anna Momber

performance facilitator

Dominique Chiout

acting facilitator

The retreat is right for you if you want to

  • make a difference with your speeches and presentations
  • work on your important keynote
  • change the world with your ideas


  • communicate purposefully and successfully on all your stages*
  • be able to react calmly and confidently in challenging situations

  • develop your natural radiance and charisma
  • find out more about how your inner system works

*if you want to reach others, whether in a 4 eye conversation or on the big stage, acting techniques should be the tools you use!


The next retreat (women only): 15 – 21 May 2023
The following retreat: 8 – 14 September 2023

The number of participants is limited to 7 – early registration is recommended. The minimum number of participants is 4.


from 1.350€ (earliest bird & a double room bed)
to 1.990€
plus VAT

(Please note that you must book your travel in addition to these fees. As do all self-planned activities on site.)


German, English (and French, if needed)

    What we offer

    if you want to

    • acting sessions according to Chekhov & Shdanoff
    • Storytelling Sessions
    • individuell stage coaching
    • keynote development
    • self-brand development
    • self-Marketing strategies sessions
    • self-management techniques
    • coaching

    You can expect 24 hours of impulses, coaching and intensive support in the group and in 1-on-1.

    If you already know what specific topics you would like to work on, or if you have any goals that you would like to achieve during your retreat, please let us know in the registration form.

    What you can experience

    if you want to


    • spend your time reading, thinking, and writing in the garden or in the coffee shop across the river
    • use creative techniques to strengthen your mission



    The Source

    The house by the river

    France is a beautiful and varied country. In the middle of it, on the edge of the volcanic mountains of the Auvergne, lies the Cantal.

    The village of traditional craft

    Are you looking for a place to get away from it all? A place where you can find yourself again and recharge your batteries? Then the medieval town of Laroquebrou is the perfect place for you! With its rolling hills, tranquil atmosphere and endless forests and fields, Laroquebrou is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And what’s more, the old stable building by the river is the perfect spot to relax and spread out. So why not come and visit us soon? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

    Your Opportunities

    16. – 22. may ’23

    acting for yourself – spring retreat (women only)

    08. – 14. september ’23

    acting for yourself – autum retreat

    More details about
    what we want to share
    with you

    acting tools

    Chekhov & Shdanoff

    This technique uses your personal experiences and feelings and allows you to have experiences that go beyond your own person and horizons. You learn to explore and enact options through the interplay of body, soul, imagination and expression.


    Whether you are a manager, freelancer, employee or artist - in every profession and on every rung of the career ladder, your appearance decides whether you are top or flop.

    And Self-Marketing can be a joyful way to combine your career planning and your networking.


    Stop wasting time. Start Change.

    In a business reality with a whole new set of rules, the dynamic partnership of story craft and marketing innovation is designed to fire the imagination and show how to stop boring people with your speech and instead become what they love so that change can begin ...


    There is a huge reservoir, with several beaches, boats to rent, a climbing park and an equestrian farm. Along the dreamlike wild river, you can fish and climb up the waterfalls. Recently e-bikes can be rented and the Cantales mountains can be reached in less than an hour by car.


    A safe place to explore your potential and discover how to be seen in a way that supports your goals.


    The house used to be a horse stable. The lower area is our workshop. Upstairs, there are 3 flats, with 5 bedrooms and 11 beds. There is a big kitchen, breakfast and coffee kitchens and 3 bathrooms.
    The house is connected to the fibre network and has a sweet little garden and direct access to the river.



    (0049) 152-26644888

    take action for yourself



    Laroquebrou # France 15150