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the retreats

Sneak Peak

Jan 27th & 29th / Apr 13th 2023 @5pm-6pm / Free of charge

Let’s have a look at how it could be, get to know your facilitators and have a quick house tour:
Our webinar gives you the opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers, get a taste of our methods and, most importantly, plan your trip.
 As the journey to our source may already help you find what you are looking for!

Spring Retreat

15.05.23 18h – 21.05.23 9h
(woman only)

Take the time to work out how you can make sure your issues are heard. Strengthen your appearance and visibility.  Take a new approach to your expression and shine in your next pitch, when communicating with your staff or when giving your keynote.

Acting is the key to your presence.
Storytelling is the key to getting your message across.
And in this enchanted place, you can find the power and strength to achieve your goals and make a difference.

Autum Retreat

08.09.23 18h – 14.09.23 9h

Start preparing for the upcoming trade fair, sales and pitch session in time!

If you want to be visible with your expertise on the stages of your trade fairs, at the next pitch and in your company – then this retreat is just right for you! 

Acting tools can do just that.
In this place, you can find your way to your expression in safety.
Develop your performance skills and learn to use the whole power of your own story.

Catch a glimpse into what your retreat will be like

We will send you a rough daily plan before your departure. The concrete elaboration will be decided on the basis of the development of the participants on site.

Our retreats focus on your performance skills like keynotes and presentation, but if you wish so we look forward to supporting you in all self-marketing topics and your communication skills.

day 1

The first evening

We will have everything ready for you.
When it’s even cooler, the fireplace will be roaring.
In any case, there will be a hot or cold drink on the terrace for everyone who arrives and then the first dinner together.
We’ll introduce you to all the activities and the acting drill and then we’ll let you settle down.

day 2 – 6

First morning

The mornings are all for you and your needs.
French breakfast will be waiting for you, as well as a quiet place in the garden for your meditation or your morning pages.
The daily schedule will be released.
And then there will be the first acting basics session.
On the first day, we will already work on your specific challenge in individual sessions.

In between …

… we will cover your needs and wishes about improving your performance skills, developing your self-marketing, exploring the acting tools and supporting you on your journey.
We plan the daily schedule according to your needs, goals and progress (in coordination with all other participants).
Of course, everyone also benefits from what others bring to the table.

day 7

Last morning

There will be one last French breakfast for you.
We will hand over all your recordings.
And then it’s „au revoir“!

The catering

Our wonderful hosts offer us coffee, tea, croissant & baguette with jam, honey or cheese and a fine selection of organic cereals every morning.
They will be cooking for us every night. (And welcome any helping hand if it suits you!)
Throughout the day, there are always enough fruits, nuts and snacks. Juices and some alcoholic drinks are in the refrigerators.
The Cantal is also called the water source of France, so we recommend tap water.
The kitchens can also be used by you.
In order to be able to cover all special needs and wishes, we will make an enquiry in advance.

Your travel

Already the journey to our wonderfully placed house on the river is the perfect way to approach your source

There are different ways to get to Laroquebrou and each one has its own unique benefits.
The train from Paris via Brive-la-Gaillard takes about 6 hours and ends in the village, about 5 minute walk from the house.
The Train via Clement-Ferrant and Aurillac also takes about 6 hours and can be completed from there with a 20-minute car ride or a final 15-minute leg by train.
If you want to fly, you can either go to Toulouse and then change to the train. We would then pick you up in a little village 15 minutes apart. Or you can hire a car at the airport and drive for through the wonderful countryside. Whether by train or car, it will certainly be another 3 hours of moving ever closer to your source.
Or you can fly directly to Aurillac and then drive those 20 minutes by car or train.

We will suggest two possible routes from your place of residence, which you then have to book yourself.


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